Ok so.. fic writing commences on the 30th…

That’s when I get my AO3 invite! =D I am so excited. I get to write TPB fic again. God knows how long it’s been that I have written fic, but no one is perfect. I have to try a drabble but for me that will be hard bc I often have diarrhea of the written word. It’s crazy!

Do you like my layout? I am going to do a Cas layout once I get home from the sz clinic. Or maybe I can do it now? Hm… I still need to watch my Sims4 d/l. Also as I said b4, I want to get all the seasons of Bates Motel too. I will do that later. =D

Sunday is my 43th birthday. I still can’t believe how old that sounds… but I am a kid at heart so age doesn’t matter. Coll is taking me out for a bit of birthday cheesecake at Mike’s cafe (Books, Cafe and things) and an apple cinnamon tea. And then, later, we are going to have BIRTHDAY PANZEROTTI!!!!!! (Well Coll isn’t but Justin & I are — Coll is having a caesar salad and some cheesy garlic toast) Well, it could be *high fives Strawberry* a HAM SAMMICH!!!!!!!!!! Right?

Sam out