Zexal stuff

I just saw this while looking for pix. It’s so purrfectly Yuma.



Does this remind you of another anime bad boy?


Dilandau Albatou from Visions of Escaflowne?? Eh?


I need a new hobby. LOL

 bates motel norman bates emma decody GIF

I am going to d/l every season of Bates Motel and binge watch it. I miss that show.

Sam (hopefully lol) out


Author: thatgirlsammijo

Taker of bad selfies, Swiftie, panzerotti fan, gamer geek, vlogger, Castiel mega fan, anime cat girl, Danny Bonaduce fan, all around evil girl.. lol

4 thoughts on “Zexal stuff”

      1. I haven’t seen that. But, I’ve seen that face in plenty of other anime before. Although I can’t list them off because I don’t remember which ones they are. XD


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