Oh hai thar…

Welcome to hell — or whatevs…. I chose WordPress to be closer to my friend Miss Strawberry [link] and Miss Dino [link]

Today was a good but quiet day. I just had BBQ pork chops, rice and cauliflower for dinner. Yum! =D

I love my layout here. It is Card Captor Sakura. OMG. I just have a good idea for a meme! *cackles wildly* If Strawberry knows me, she will know what the heck I am talking about. Don’tcha! lol

Sam out



Author: thatgirlsammijo

Taker of bad selfies, Swiftie, panzerotti fan, gamer geek, vlogger, Castiel mega fan, anime cat girl, Danny Bonaduce fan, all around evil girl.. lol

One thought on “Oh hai thar…”

  1. Finally, WP let me follow your blog without making me wage a war with the site to follow you. XD

    Oh, I think I know what you’re thinking of memeing. And it will be glorious. XP


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